Ned Kelly's Adventure

Once upon a time there was a bushranger called Ned Kelly. He had lost his horse so he went looking but Ned Kelly instead of finding his horse had found an abandoned house.
So Ned Kelly set up camp for the night if there was a burglar. But no one went in or out so Ned Kelly went to have a look inside the house. There were broken arrows everywhere. So he thought he’d better pack up camp. After he packed up camp and set off there was another camp site so he set up camp there.
That night while Ned Kelly was asleep someone kidnapped him. The very next morning he woke up in a cage. In the corner of the cage there was a bowl of food and water too. So he ate the food, then Ned Kelly saw a poster that had on it ‘D.Nick’, the kidnapper on the loose. ‘Keep your door locked. DO NOT GO CAMPING.’
Later on in the day a man walked into the cave. The man said, “My name is D.Nick.” That night there was a set of keys next to the cage so Ned Kelly picked them up and tried to see if they fitted the lock. They did so Ned Kelly unlocked the cage.
Ned Kelly ran outside and got into some village clothes and went into the village and went to the police station. He told the police that he had found D.Nick. So they went to the cave and got him. When the police came out of the cave they said to Ned Kelly, “You got the reward of one thousand pounds.” That very next day he went out and got a new horse. Ned Kelly was happy again.