Last Day

"I don't want to go! Why do we have to? I like it here!" Sarah was in Italy and I was time to go back home but there was a problem, she didn't want to leave. Sarah had family and friends that were as sweet as pie and the weather was beautiful. She would always say to her mum that they didn't have to leave and that its beautiful here! As usually Sarah`s mum would reply with the same thing all the time, "We have to go we need to go back to Melbourne where we live!" Sarah would always get upset hearing this until one day things just got completely out of hand...
Sarah had just finished having the daily conversation with her mum but this one was different. Just after Sarah said she didn't want to leave, her mum cracked it. "You need to stop saying u don't want t leave, we have to! I don't want to leave either but I`ve learnt to deal with it and so must you!" Sarah then ran to her room and locked the door; she didn't come out until her mum went to see where she was and if she was alright. Sarah's mum told her that she was sorry and that she understood she didn't want to go but maybe they could come back another time. There was no answer, Sarah's mum then realised the door was unlocked so she bolted in and Sarah wasn't there....
"What do u mean she's not in her room, where else can she be!?" Yelled Sarah`s brothers, Sam Derek and Joseph. She then told them what had happened and about the fight. None of them had any idea of where she could be until they heard a different voice. “I think I might know where she could be" It was Sarah`s friend Anita who was with her every night. They went for a walk to Centro where they thought she would be. On the way they saw her sitting at a bakery, her and her mum met eyes and started balling their eyes out, they said sorry and then Sarah was all good to go back home with no troubles... until next time!!

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