By Caleb
A particular terrifying night, doors were mysteriously slamming, polished floor boards were squeaking, and a little eight year old girl named Sally, was imagining how scared she was living in an abandoned house all by herself.
It all started when Sally’s parents died. Unfortunately she was sent to a really strict foster family that hated Sally. One day Sally really needed attention because people were bullying her at school. And she yelled at the foster mum but Sally didn’t realise that the mum had had a bad day and when Sally complained about the bullying at school it was the last straw! So she screamed and dragged Sally by her hair to the car and drove her to an abandoned house, cursed at her and vigorously pushed her out into a wet mud puddle, slammed the car door and drove off leaving Sally behind in the pouring rain.
She was wet and muddy! She quickly entered the house with nothing to leave behind and she opened the door shouting “Hello”. It echoed and nobody answered. She continued to search the house for somewhere to sleep. She walked through to what seemed to be a foyer that had pictures of American Presidents on the walls surrounding her. She walked nervously to the kitchen and it looked like someone had been cooking with no ordinary ingredients. Sally was terrified when she saw the arms and legs on the ground. She quickly ran down the hall slamming the door behind her.
The first bedroom door seriously opened like it wanted Sally to come in. She accepted the welcome and walked in this time. Luckily there was nothing except a pillow and a blanket and a bed so she decided to sleep in that room later.
She continued to journey through the house and about two steps later she discovered that bathroom. It was filthy with mud and dirt everywhere. Sally could smell odour from the toilet. She couldn’t handle the smell so she kept on walking to the very last room where she found an old doll on the bed. She picked it up and as she did the lights turned off and the door slammed. After about thirty seconds of panicking and fear Sally heard a mysterious voice saying, “Go to Sleep” and threw a hard object at Sally knocking her to the bed. It was still kind of bright outside so Sally picked up the hard object and threw it through the window, climbed out and ran off, luckily with no injuries but a fear of that strange house.


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