A Bit Behind Schedule

"Hold on!", screamed Matt as the three boys hung from the small strand of rope.
Then suddenly Jason lost grip.
It all seemed quiet as he was gobbled up by the large, orange, growling portal. The other two stared down in horror, but it wasn't long before the rope snapped. "Aaauuuggghhh!" they yelled in unison. They fell into the portal and it closed shut. It was as if nothing had ever happened.
They woke up to find themselves in a prehistoric plain. "Where...where are we?" Michael stammered.
"I have no idea", replied Matt. That's when they heard a nearby trumpeting, and turned around just in time to see a wooly, black mammoth charging at them!The trio ran for all they were worth but it was no use, the mammoth was gaining. Then Jason spotted a large redwood. "Up The Tree!", he squealed. They scrambled up it just in time as the prehistoric elephant rammed into the tree.
The boys then started to grow ravenous. Then Matt saw a large nest that was bound be have some eggs. When they climbed the nearby tree, they found six, large, grey eggs. But Jason sensed that they were not alone. The three boys turned around to find themselves face to face with a fiery, red pteradactyl. They got out of the tree and sprinted across the plain. Then suddenly they tripped over a log and fell through the ground. They had found the portal.
Jason woke up to found himself under his blanket. Had it all been a dream?


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