Ultan The Unicorn Unites

Finalist in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

Ultan was scared, very scared. Unex would be waiting. Waiting would make Unex angrier. Ultan stared into the crystal blue water at his reflection. His strong limbs, his athletic shoulders, his magical horn stared back at him. He swished his tail with pride, then dropped it and hung his head. It was no use. Unex was stronger, many hands higher and definitely fiercer. Unex was feared by all. Ultan was not. He turned away in dismay and trotted towards the forest. It was time.
Ultan reflected on his last few months. Arriving in Uniland, he had been full of hope. He had joined Stable End School, become Rainbow House Captain and was the star of the Uniball Team. Unex had been all of those things before Ultan had arrived. Unex was not used to being second. The final straw had come when Ursula and Ultan had become firm friends. Unex had always thought she was his special friend. Now he was challenging Ultan. It was a matter of pride.
As the pathway to the forest opened into the clearing Ultan’s ears picked up the growing chant “UNEX! UNEX! UNEX!” He had to think quickly. Mum would be disappointed. Dad would be disappointed. School would be disappointed. Little Uny would never look up to his older brother again. He had to think!!!
Ultan and Unex locked eyes. Ultan could see the anger in Unex’s eyes. Unex stomped the ground angrily and neighed aggressively. It was seconds until he would charge. “Wait!” Ultan bellowed, “I admire you so much.” Unex turned his head to the side. “I admire your strength, your agility, your leadership skills and your determination. I have learnt so much from you.” Unex looked puzzled. “However,” Ultan continued, “I do not admire your short temper, your willingness to fight in order to solve problems and your love of power by making other unicorns scared. If you want your unicorn on Unicornbook or Insticorn, let it be for the right reason and your positive skills. Do not let it be because you are a bully. There are far too many of them already, Unicornbook is full of them.”
The forest was silent. “Nobody has ever fought me with words before,” Unex reflected, “tell me how this works.”
“We could try working together when we have the same aim, being teammates together when we are on the school team and sharing spaces and friends without any bad feeling,” Ultan suggested. “We don’t have to like each other. We just have to give each other the space to be who we are.”
Ultan and Unex locked horns.
Ultan and Ursula rolled through the grassy hills. Ultan felt the warm sun on his glossy coat. He had not become friends with Unex but they were no longer rivals. Just two young unicorns, navigating their way through the changing fazes of life, love, friendship, pride and dreams.
Uniland had become a great place to live.



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