The Minotaur

Finalist in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

The peaceful village in great Greece,
Was disturbed by a pounding haze.
“Everyone run, as swift as bees,
It’s the Minotaur from the maze!”
And so everyone ran, ‘twas a terror,
The Minotaur was coming, it wasn’t an error.
But a warrior came, with a spiked cane,
And said “Hey you, you massive lug,
You might be worse than a hurricane,
But I’ll make you as strong as a bug!”
With that the defeated demon spat in spite,
“I’ll be back soon, you dreadful knight!”
The conquering Minotaur from the maze,
A menacing beast of hatred and fury,
Appearing with his cold-hearted gaze,
And disappearing with intense fury.


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