The Black Bird

Finalist in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

A beautiful black bird hurries along the edge of the lake,
Her feathers are black but shimmer green in the sunlight.
She has round, rich brown eyes.
She is the type of bird who would blend into the night.
She stands out from her group,
Her eyes are sad as if haunted by her past.
She is desperate to keep up with the birds,
But is left behind as they are too fast.
They are hunting for a meal, the black bird struggles to find any food.
Desperately snatching any crumbs that happen to fall.
She has no chance against the other birds,
She is vulnerable and far too small.
She watches them soar through the sky, leaving her behind.
She is unable to fly, her wings broken and weak.
I feel pity for her as I watch her slowly withering away.
She tucks her head down, her feather covering her beak.


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