Did The Fireflies Make The World Bright?

Finalist in the 'Dream Big 2013' competition

A long time ago when the earth was new there was well… nothing only dust and little things flying around everywhere.
Most of the bugs flew all over the world and across the stormy seas. They flew everywhere! The only problem was that it was dark! The fireflies couldn’t see and that’s why they just flew around everywhere. They were pretty fast! They had no shelter no food no anything!
One day the fireflies weren’t normal all the fireflies froze, something was wrong. The ground was shaking, it started raining, they realised there was an earthquake!
All the other bugs tried to find shelter but they couldn’t. The fireflies fell to the ground they were cold. The ground shook the fireflies so hard that they lit up one by one! They were surprised.
After the earthquake all the fireflies were bright. Actually the whole world was bright. After a couple of hours out of the dust popped trees, grass, houses, schools and even people. When the people arrived most of the fireflies disappeared except a couple that are flying around still!
So if you see a firefly, don’t try and kill it because it may have made your world visible.



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