Zombie Games

Did you know that a man stood up in Australian parliament once and said that these new fangled zombies the young use in video games are a disgrace to zombie-hood?
And one of my best friends play a game where you shoot these new fangled things in the head or heart in order to fulfill some kind of bloodlust and pretend WW2 has come about again
And I ask myself:
When our lives are taken over by walking, crawling, gliding, moaning and screaming pieces of dead human flesh who will be left?
Will the video gamer players rise to the challenge with the guns and three lives to spare?
Or will we all cower in the corners -- too frightened to breathe-- until the slow procession of time is too great to keep us safe and the brains of our lineage lie splattered on white kitchen floors that turn to red valentine roses as the blood pools and spreads?
Shall our bodies lie heaped in the streets until our engineered gutters run red in the sun as it sets on our faces for the last time?
Will the children lie broken and frozen as they fled -- turned marble by cold and in truth brain-dead as the dead rise up in the night and they flee from the bodies of mothers and sisters and fathers and brothers they see sliding toward them with red gloves on their hands?
Shall they thrown down pour buildings and gobble at art until all our works lie in rubble at the feet of the beasts -- shall they tear us to pieces until no-one survives and what then?
Will they glide on without us?
What could they become?
With no-one to feed them?


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