A Beautiful Thing

The morning fog was rolling over the beautiful green hills, the rising sun breathes warmth into the land. All while the sparrows sung its morning song to all near and far. As she walked through the luscious fields she was weary and had no sense of direction. She walked gracefully with her white cotton dress following her like a lost puppy. Her long hair as black as burnt coal, her enchanting eyes looking so gentle.
But after some time had passed of being in such an exquisite place the silence was broken by a deep voice whispering “Jessica……….. Jessica……. Jessica”. She spun around in fret looking for the man who knew her name. She turned to the northern, southern and eastern hills but on the western hill stood a tall dark figure holding……… a scythe!!
It was Death! He was the one calling her….. He was the one who brought her to this place after her Cancer treatment had failed… she started to run from Death for she didn’t want to depart this life for many years. She began to sweat because of the significant rush of adrenaline pumping through her blood. She stopped and turned to see he if was following her but he was gone! She turned back around to see Death was right in front of her!!!!
Jessica screamed with horror! She turned and tried to run but she tripped and her body was paralysed with fear. She began to helplessly clutch at the grass to haul herself away from her worst nightmare. She turned to see where the vile creature named Death was lurking, but he was nowhere. She flipped onto her back, her heart still pounding and gazed up into the clear blue sky and saw sparrows once more. They seemed so care free, so tranquil and so radiant.
She laid on her back wondering how to get out of this place and sat there in complete silence. But the silence was soon broken by the captivating sound of harps. She slowly and steadily stood up and began to scan the perimeter of the fields around her. It was then, that for the first time she gazed upon or even acknowledged the presence of a tall glass stair case leading up into the heavens.
Jessica felt compelled to go towards the ravishing stair case. With every step she took her very soul began to dance with life. Jessica could not help but smile, she felt so joyful. She slowly extended her hand onto the stair case its touch so enticing, so…… heavenly. Her heart rate elevated, she felt as if you would be able to hear her heart pounding from a million miles away. Jessica began to race up the stairs unaware that at any moment the glass stairs could break from the impact of her feet.
Then Jessica reached the end of the stairs. But after seeing the mesmerizing beauty of the life that lied ahead. Jessica realised that death is a beautiful thing.


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