A Beautiful Day In Kalos

One day in the kalos region living in a magnificent condo in the vast, never ending forests just outside of aquachorde’s residential district, a young trainer named Mitch, he had hazel eyes, jet black hair, he was wearing his favourite hat it was a camo beanie, was starting his adventure to be the world’s best Pokémon master. He had his breakfast in his bright and colourful kitchen. When he went outside he saw a mysterious trainer who was lost he had red hair, rainbow eyes, and a huge scar across his face but the most noticeable thing was he smelled of fire. Mitch asked “who are you?” “My name is Aaron I am from the orange islands island 4 to be exact. What is your name?” Mitch answered with “my name is Mitch. Today is my very first day of my adventure to be a Pokémon master.” Aaron replied with a strange look on his face “really only your first day of being a Pokémon trainer that means that you’re going to need a guide so I will follow you on your adventure” when they arrived in aquachorde town they were greeted by professor sycamore and Mitch chose one of three Pokémon: chespin, fenikin, froakie, Mitch ended up choosing froakie then he named it froggy. Aaron told Mitch “that’s a shiny froakie its final evolution is epic”. Professor sycamore showed Mitch how to capture Pokémon and handed Mitch ten pokeballs, Aaron said in shock “that’s way more then I got when I was starting out to be the world’s best Pokémon breeder” “wait you’re a Pokémon breeder I thought you were a Pokémon trainer” Mitch replied. Professor sycamore told Mitch to meet him in lumoise city. Mitch went to route 2 and then a wild fletchling attacked Mitch, he sent out Froggy, Froggy used bubble making fletchling at optimal capture strength so Mitch threw a pokeball at the wild Fletchling. The ball shook three times then he captured the wild fletchling, he nicknamed it fletcher. “Let’s go” said Mitch eagerly “you’ll need to get a gym badge also in the next town over my friends are planning to meet me” replied Aaron. Once they made it to santalune city they encountered four people that Aaron seemed to know first there was Paige slightly short with dark eyes and a goomy next to her. She threw the goomy at Aaron he screamed “god damn it Paige” with her was nick a tall red headed trainer with aqua eyes there was also matt he was tall, strong looking he had dark hair and crimson eyes and lastly there was Tomas he had a skinny body with black hair and blue eyes he was also wearing a rainbow shirt. Aaron introduced Mitch by saying “this is Mitch he is a beginner Pokémon trainer he has a shiny froakie as his starter he will possibly like our group” matt replied with “he better we are not helping a nube for nothing he better show me what he’s got”. Mitch and matt sent out their Pokémon, Mitch sent out Froggy while matt sent out raquaza, Froggy used hydro cannon much to Mitch’s raquaza fainted. Matt was shocked in amazement at the sheer power of Froggy. Mitch went to the Pokémon centre but then he heard a huge explosion Mitch ran to the noise as fast as he could. When he got to the forest he saw the long disbanded team flare they were killing everyone in their sight Mitch called upon the help of all the Pokémon in the world he absorbed their power. He felt his rage build up inside him he lost all controlled and created a huge energy field destroying a huge portion of the forest. Team flare were nowhere in sight nor was Mitch. People were scared because there was a huge crater where the forest used to be but out of the smoked emerged a glowing it was the astral form of Mitch. When Mitch returned to normal he carried on his adventure collecting all the gym badges then entering to no-one’s surprise he won.
The end.


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