Ballad For Scars

Standing hands in pockets, motionless in black
When the sun is low and the shadows long
Surrounded by bodies which in life they lack
Placed a rose down and left with the bird song
The only one left in a world broken and barren
A Loneliness indescribable it leaves the air crippled,
Not a strand left of sanity or a vision of any clarity
The only noise was when the water rippled
Left the house late and night and hit the road running
With cold frosty breath and the moons icy glare
Of untainted steel was a sharp knife in hand
Went out to die because nobody would care
The unscalable craziness of a fevered mind
Madness storms like a gale inside
And such a hysteria is only left behind
By pulling the trigger and saying goodbye
Didn’t see it until it showed itself to me
Didn’t hear it until it spoke its name
Never understood the meaning at first
But it taught me its meaning - pain.