Facebook oh Facebook, how much I’ve wanted you, to use you and play with you. I open up a web page. I click on the search box. Oh the happiness going through me right now. I type in the letters, one by one. F, a, c, e, b, o, o, k. I press enter. I can’t wait. Finally it finished loading. This is the time I’ve been waiting for, 13 years I’ve waited and it all comes down to this moment. I press on the ‘sign up’ web page. A rush of excitement goes through me. I type in my first name, my last name, my email and my password. I’m almost finished until the empty box stares at me. My worst nightmare. I forgot all about it. The username. The name that will stick with me for all my Facebook years. What should it be; Foxychick, Nimmypoo, Cutiepie? I’m stumped.


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