Me and Fiona Ortiz (or Phoenix as she likes to be called) have been friends ever since we could remember. My name is Mitchell Klaus but my friends call me Braga. The year is 2615 and the world has gone past normal land, air and water vehicles and now has just flying vehicles. Our personal favourite is the Land-Speeder T692 capable of speeds over 400km/h. By the way we are such gear heads, we have fantasised about this since we were little kids and we know all about the Land-Speeder range.

It was a normal Monday morning on the 16th of July 2615 when I trudged into the medium sized garage with a half built 2609 Land-Speeder T85 in the corner with parts littering benches and the ground after brekkie just to see Fiona sitting on a bench.
“What took you so long?” asks Fiona, “I’ve been waiting here for an hour.”
“Sorry, Phoenix,” I replied, “I’m just really tired from the movie marathon last night.”
“That’s ok, let’s just get to work,” assured Phoenix, “just don’t fall asleep on me Braga.”
So we got to work grabbing the half built convergenator and the spindle balancer and other bits and bobs and started working. While outside speedster raced by at speeds of 300km/h.
“Have you calibrated the power to weight differential transponder?” I ask.
“Of course I have,” replied Phoenix a little hurt, “what do you think I am 3 years old. I am not an idiot.” She then throws some extra wiring at me. I duck quickly to avoid it and put my hands up in surrender.
“Ok, ok don’t get ya knickers in a knot it was a joke,” I assured, “I already knew you had I was kidding around.” I then lightly push her towards the hose.
“Oi, what was that for?” asked Phoenix abruptly.
“Nothing I just felt like it.” I replied quickly.
“You just started a war my friend!” growled Phoenix. She then grabbed the hose and aimed it at me and turned it on full bull. I quickly ducked out of the way but I still got hit. So I quickly pick up my water cannon and aim it at her.
“Asta la vista baby!” I call in my bets Arnold Schwarzenegger voice, which is pretty good. I then pull the trigger and blasted a torrent of water at her. After the water fight, which I won, we worked all day and all night. Until our 2609 Land-Speeder T85 was finished.
“Finally it’s finished” remarked Phoenix.
“Yep, it took a year and a half to salvage the parts and another ½ building it,” I commented, “but we finally finished.”
“Now we can finally leave this planet and start a life together, just the tow of us.” sighed Phoenix.
“I think your right Phoenix, I think your right.” I reply putting my arm around her. So we packed our things the next day and left that night, never to be seen again.