A Bag Of Marshmellows

"Please don't notice me. Please don't notice me."
"Are you coming Alexis?"
"DANG!" Alexis groans.
She turns and looks right at me. I had been walking in a daze when I suddenly noticed the small village and had crouched down amongst the fernery.
The tiny Alexis cried, "He found me - Frankie. He’s an annoying little troll. And when I say troll, I mean those short, stubby, pointed-nosed, warty, rude and gross creatures you hear about in fairy tales. I was trying to hide so that I wouldn't have to go with him to the movies. Anyway I must not bore you. It's rude to spy on people… We'll it'd be rude not to invite you in for a pot of hot toad…Holly pixie dust you’re huge!! We could use someone like you in the Willow Defence against those thieving dragons. They try to rule over us all… So, where are you from?"
"Ah… Australia. We don't have creatures like you there. I don't even know how I got here. I was looking for some marshmallows in the dark. I stumbled and I must have been concussed…I don't think I know how to get home," I replied.
"You must be that unknown creature they sighted the other day. It was in the Creatures Daily. I know where to take you." As we walk along a narrow dirt track, I notice that people are peaking through their windows that half jut out of trees. At the end of the road, there is a gigantic sandcastle. I brush my arm against it, but I discover that it is rock hard. A taller troll and pixie walk out of the entrance of the castle and as quick as a flash, Alexis zips down to greet them. First with a low bow and then she whispers something into the troll king's ear. He nods and then begins to smile. When Alexis flies back up to sit on my shoulder the king opens his mouth and starts to speak in a grand tone.
"Trolls and pixies of Willow City, may I present to you, our new leader of the Willow Defence Force." Everyone starts cheering. Even the children in the houses.
Suddenly a high pitched horn blows three long toots. Darkness spreads. Everyone dashes for cover. "It's time to do your thing!" cries the King. I look up to the sky to give a prayer and then I see that what they have been scared of all this time is a storm cloud and a bunch of three inch tall lizards.
"Guys its ok. You can come out," I say in a soft tone as I pick up the lizards around their bellies. "Here, hold them. Consider them as pets."
"Thank you warrior! You have saved us, given us new hope and brought peace to our village. We owe you one!" The king spoke but his voice started to become more distant. The words started to morph from "warrior," to "Annabelle?"
My eyes stretch open and I find myself lying on the couch with my whole family surrounding me. A cool, damp washer slips off the top of my head. "Dad, you should have seen all the fairies I saved! They were amazing."
Dad smiled, "Oh Annabelle, you got your words a bit messed up. You should've said... Wow Dad! It was amazing! I've been off with the fairies for quite awhile now! That's the last time you are going looking for marshmallows in the dark. Now, get some rest."
I close my eyes and try to go back to that special wonderland once more. I wonder what other adventures are awaiting me?


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