Earth Invasion

"Wake up Matthew, we are going to miss the movie!" Jordan said while running from room to room.
"Leave me alone, I'll get up now" I replied back. After about 10 minutes Jordan and I were in the car on the way to Village Cinemas, Fountain Gate. "Can you go get the popcorn Jordan" I said as I went to go get Daniel and Jasmine at the ticket isle where we planned to meet. "Hey Daniel, Jasmine let's go".
We were watching the movie Tomorrow When the War Began. It was kind of weird because we were the only ones in the cinema, but cool in the way that we could sit anywhere in the cinema we liked. Jasmine and I sat together in the row in front of Jordan and Daniel. The movie was great but sadly it was soon over.
We came outside the cinema to the shopping centre to find that no one was there, which was a bit odd. Jordan started to worry that something out of the ordinary had happened. Because of that we phoned up each of house numbers to see if anyone was home, but no answer. For some reason I suggested that we go check out Sweeney Reserve, since that's the place to go when emergencies happen.
When we got there we were shocked. We saw our families, Tony Abbot, the person at the counter at the cinemas who served us and hundreds and thousands of other people being held captive by aliens and forced to get on their Spaceship. "I'm scared Matthew" Jordan said clinging to my arm.
"Don't worry Jordan, just stay with us. Alright, what do we do?" I asked.
"Let's fight back!" Jordan said like he wanted to kill someone. We all nodded and decided that we have to do something. We were about to begin a war.
"Right, Jasmine and Jordan break into the local Gun Store and take as many Guns you can carry, and Matthew and I will stay back here and figure out a plan" Daniel explained.
"Okay" Jasmine said as she kissed me on the check, beginning to walk off. "Good Luck" she said as she and Jordan started running to the local Gun Store. Ten minutes later they came back. "So what's the plan" Jordan asked. Daniel and I are going to move as close as we can without being spotted and shot. You guys ready. I asked. We all nodded.
Daniel and I made our way, right up to the back of the ship. "Daniel, you go round to the left and start shooting when I start shooting" I whispered to him. As I turned around I was grabbed by two Aliens, who then took me up to their Spaceship. I could hear Jasmine, Jordan and Daniel screaming and crying. The Alien grabbed the gun, put it to my head and fired.
Suddenly I woke up. It was just a dream. Thank God. It's just a dream.


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