Jeffery The Pumkin Boy

Once upon a time there lived a boy called Jeffery.
But he wasn’t any ordinary boy, he was made out of pumpkins. And this is his Diary:

Hello my name is Jeffery and I am a little pumpkin boy.
I’m normally really nice but now I’m always angry and I stopped being nice a very long time ago. The reason why I’m always angry is because a bully named John kept teasing me about being an experiment made out of pumpkins.

When I heard that I started getting angry and smashing things. And that’s when my pumpkins started looking like carved pumpkin lanterns. The Principle called my parents and I was grounded for 10 weeks, and if you think that’s bad you’re wrong! Yesterday I was grounded for 16 weeks because I drew a picture of family made out of oranges (even though I’m already 23 years old!).
Writing in my diary is the only fun I have other playing outside, which I can’t do. This is according to my aunt because my pumpkins will get too hot. I forgot to mention that I have an imaginary friend named Dom. playing with him is another fun I have but mum, dad, Aunty Becky and Uncle Fred don’t like me too, so they put a security camera in my room.

Yesterday Dom went outside to sunbake. He came back red, hot and very sweaty.

(48 years later)

Wow! I can’t believe I haven’t written in my diary for 48 years! Well my pumpkins are starting to crinkle and I am starting to die (unfortunately).and I think I’m finally too old to write in my diary, so goodbye!

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