Earth Has Fallen

It is a scorching hot summer day at the White house Jimbob and his best friend Peter Springs are watching television in the lounge room. The phone rings and Peter answers “Hello this is President Roster turn on the news immediately” Jimbob turns on CBS news “A prison outbreak has occurred at Alcatraz Island.” Peter pauses the television on the bottom left hand side of the television there are two men burning down the prison with flamethrowers.
Jimbob remembers those two men faintly he doesn’t know how. The men approached the camera and he states “The world will end in 48 hours good luck” the phone rings again and Peter lets it ring out “Hello it is me again I need you to defeat these idiotic people and bring back societys safety.” The two men know what needs to be done they race to Jimbob’s jumbo jet and they arrive there in a flash it is a mess here, there is debris everywhere fire coming left right and centre. It is Peter oldest enemy ever Bobby Truffles and Joey Bouncer. Peter runs at Bobby but they both shoot up in the air with their turbo jetpacks. They both know they don’t have much time left their super watch starts talking it announces ‘’Only 24 hours left until earth is destroyed” Jimbob looks at Peter and know they don’t have any time left
The two chase down the assassins through deserts, rainforests, jungles, and mountains. The assassins go into a dead end so Jimbob and Peter follow them. The dead end leads to a rocket with about 50,000 bombs on it Peter says “This must be the destruction weapon.” Joey runs at the two of them with a golf stick Jimbob ducks and instead of hitting Jimbob it hits Peter on the head. Jimbob picks up the golf stick and runs at Joey but from behind Bobby stuns him with a stun gun.
They wake up Peter first he tries to move but he somehow can’t. Jimbob suddenly wakes up with a shock on his face Peter says in a tired voice “Bad dream well get use to it’’. Jimbob looks on his computerized watch ‘’59 minutes and 40 seconds left to world destruction’’. They know they need to do something if they want to save the world. Peter starts to try and defuse the bomb and Jimbob tries to tell everyone to find a safe shelter.
The time is ticking 20 minutes, 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 5 minutes then 1 minute. Peter is nearly done with the bomb in his head he starts repeating “Red wire to blue wire” 10 seconds is left last wire 3,2,1.


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