Handball Hero

Handball Hero

Hi! I’m Blue the red handball and at the moment I’m white water rafting.
SPLASH! WOW! That was close. I just missed falling off my raft! For some reason I just seem to be going around and around in a circle. Wait!! Wow I must be going around in circles because I’m in a washing machine - that’s my 999th spin in here. That explains why it is so dark too – I am in the pocket of a pair of shorts in the washing machine.
My owner’s Mum just took me out of the washing machine. I find my way to my owner’s room he picks me up and takes me outside. Yay! I’m about to be played with! My owner is a very good handball player. He can do long shot, corkscrew, impossible side sway, through the back door, down the side #1, down the side #2, left long shot, left corkscrew, impossible side sway #2, left down the side, walker, 1st bounce long shot, long shot corkscrew and walker #2. So… as you can see, he is a good handball player. I usually get used for playing or practising against the wall.
Just as I was about to explain the next sentence and write it down on this very piece of paper, my owner did a very hard & fast and powerful long shot, THWOP! I bounce off the wall, BOING over the fence and land in the next door neighbour’s dog’s mouth. I am carried down the street and into the gutter.
PLOP!… I thought I might have a little (big) adventure featuring: a big bounce off down the road to my owner’s friend’s house. While I was doing that I passed a truck, car, truck, another truck, a car, another car, another car, lots more cars, a bike, another bike and heaps more bikes (I live on a busy street). Anyway I’d better continue on, it is still ten blocks away.
I continued all day until about 6:00pm when a thin, scary, tabby cat jumped out of a bush thinking I was a hare so I hid in a tall, pale green letter box. Next morning at 6:00am I continued. My owner’s friend was out in the front yard on his bike. He found me, brought me back home on his bike and I am living a happy life (my owner lives a confused life because he never knew how his handball got to his friend’s house).
Today all that adventure stuff isn’t going to happen, except the bike ride and the confusion.
Author’s Notes: No characters were harmed in the writing of this book.
Adam Shaw now lives a very, very, very, very happy life….with an electric toaster, a spin dryer, 2 dogs, a cat, 1 bird, an annoying sister and an ironing board.


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