A Bad Horrible Day

Bang! Smash! goes horrible loud beer bottle smashing out of the rubbish bin.

One day Rubber Rubbish, Blue Box and Gross Toilet were walking down Mcdonald Flat Road in Clermont, when Oh No! said Blue Box and Gross Toilet. Rubber Rubbish Bin has been captured by Yellow Bin. HELP! said Rubber Rubbish Bin, but Yellow Bin ran too fast and no-one could catch up. OIE! said Blue Box to Gross Toilet lets sneak into Yellow Bins house and save Rubber Rubbish Bin.

So they snuck into Yellow Bins house and did hard CPR then out came Rubber Rubbish Bin. They hit the Yellow Bin and he died.

Blue Box, Gross Toilet and Rubber Rubbish Bin had a crazy party and they boogied.


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