“Who needs friends? They don’t last long anyway. You’ll only lose them in the end” I mumbled to myself while sitting under an oak tree.
“That’s not true. You know your real friends are the ones willing to lay down their lives for you, so you shouldn't think so one sided, since this world has a balance of both good and bad.” said a voice.
“How would you know anything? You’re not me. You haven’t gone through what I have.” I said holding back tears as I stood up.
“That’s where you’re wrong. I know every pain and sadness there is. I've even witnessed yours.” murmured the voice. I looked on the other side of the tree and to my surprise there was no one to be seen. I felt something light land on my head. When I took it off of my crimson brown hair I was surprised to find a very large black feather.
At that moment I tilted my head upwards and what I saw had me speechless. What above me was a man with black wings and long black hair with a streak of white, along with pale skin that would give the creeps to anyone. Then I noticed horns sprouting from his head which gave him a dangerous look. He wore black sneakers along with red skinny jeans as well as a black jacket.
Please do not fear me since I mean no harm” said the dark angel sincerely. I finally managed to overcome the sudden shock and found the will to speak.
“Who are you? And what are you?” I said on edge. “My name is Lucifer and I am known as the fallen angel. I am here because I have pledged to someone very dear that I will bring you back, Rebecca, to the times where you had friends.” Lucifer said seriously. “That’s not your choice to make!” I said angrily as I ran off away from the tree while never looking back.
Days went by but I kept sensing that in the corner of my eye he was there watching and waiting for me to give him a chance. One day his persistence drove me to the wall and I gave in so I headed to the oak tree and as I expected he was there. Once I reached the tree I felt some rain start to pour.
“It was raining like this on the same day you let Gabriel die, wasn't it?” Lucifer grumbled. All of a sudden I felt rage boil up inside me.
“You, Gabriel and your two friends were running across a bridge when that friend of yours pushed Gabriel over the edge as you watched her hit the water and drown while those two ran off laughing.”
“SHUT UP!! AND GO AWAY!!” I shouted while sobbing.
“I’ll leave. Just be glad this was a dream.” Lucifer said as faded from sight. Then I awoke with tears in my eyes.
“Gabriel I won’t let you die” I finally said.