A Beautiful Disgrace

"Catch the ball!"screamed Kitty.
Flora walked forwards,but missed as the ball flew over her head.Drago ran for the ball and caught it, but he had ran into the hard brick wall.
"Ouch!" Drago winced in pain.
Suddenly the brick wall started to seperate,the kids all stared in awe as they found themselves standing in front of a fabulous garden.

They all took a few steps towards the garden, and gathered their courage.The three kids ran into the lush garden.
"We should explore this wonderful place, that has great flowers and plants,"suggested Flora.
So the three children followed the lane and passed enormous cornfields that had corns that grew two times the height of the chldren.On their way,large crop fields and lush flower fields were also spotted.After a few minutes the excited youngsters came across a grand palace, made of marble.

Sitting on a swing was a girl that was older than them , she had disgusting marks on her face and body.The three children walked over to her and found that she was sobbing quietly.The girl looked up as the children approached.
"What's wrong?"asked Kitty.
"A very evil dragon has turned my citizens and I into grotesque creatures because he was mad at us, although I can't remember anything we did to upset the beast," the weeping girl explained.
"Sorry I forgot to introduce myself, I am Queen Evelyn,"the girl said.
"Hi,we are Kitty,Drago and Flora," the three kids replied.
"Don't worry we will help you, just take us to the dragon,"Drago commented with a twinkle in his eye.
At that moment a large red dragon appeared.Evelyn shrank back in fear.The kids stepped forward.
"Go away you are not welcome here!" yelled the three brave children.

Large tears streamed down the dragn's scaly face.Drago was eager to defeat the dragon, but he decided to comfort the dragon.
"What's the matter?" Drago questioned.
"I live alone,so I am always bored and when I see people enjoying themselves I get jealous," replied the creature.
Big blobs of tears came streaming down his face and landed near the children.Queen Evelyn approached the dragon carefully and asked if the beast would join them to pass their days.
The enormous animal nodded his head in pleasure.

Soon all the citizens were transformed back to normal and became great friends with the dragon.The dragon and Queen thanked the kids and the kids were sent home.Sometimes something will turn out to be fine if you just ask.


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