Dancing With My Brother In The Sun

I was in front of the fiery, hot sun
In the meadows on the biggest, greenest hill.
I took my brother, so little and fair
All I could feel was the cold air running through my hair.
My brother and I start off in a dance
As my brother grabs me, I bend my back as far as I can stretch. Then, I lean into the burning, scorching sunrays.
As I twirl I fall with my brother on the ground
We roll around on the grassy ground bursting with laughter.
My mother calls my brother and me from the distance.
We hear her delicate faint voice say “Time to go!”
I respond back in a loud manner.
We run down the hill, the grass is tickling my legs.
After dancing, we go home
I fall asleep with my brother
That is the end of my adventurist day.


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