Once in the year 2026 there was an air conditioner built by a Scotsman who threw a Haggis up there. Inside there were 9 cockroaches named Bob, Mike, Smith, Tyler, Daniel, Kieran, Zac, Aiden & Lucas.
Then, one day Haggis got electrocuted and turned into a … LIVING HAGGIS!!!!!!!
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! That felt nice!” said the Haggis as he burst into life. He was greeted by Kieran and Daniel who tried to eat Haggis. “Hey! Don’t try to eat me!” Scarily cried Haggis “He’s alive we better not eat him!” Daniel muttered to Kieran. So they had a picnic instead. “Oh no, I couldn’t eat Bob the cow” said Haggis. “Come on!” cried Daniel.
All of a sudden Bob, Mike, Smith, Tyler, Zac, Aiden, Kieren and Lucas said “Do we smell a picnic?” “Errrr… no” nervously announced Haggis. “Whatever we’re going to Maccas, you comin’?” said Bob. “Can Haggis come?” said Kieran. “Sure get in.”
So they drove to Maccas where there was a hold up “EVERYBODY GET DOWN!!!” yelled the evil robber evil-o. Haggis didn’t hear though and got shot at twice so Lucas & Zac jumped in front of the bullets and died on impact, how sad. So they all tackled evil-o knocked him out and threw him in jail.
The next day Lucas and Zac’s funeral was held. Everyone was sooking like sooks. Half of the people thought Zac was better and the other half thought Lucas was better so they started a war and only Kieran & Daniel survived and were really hungry and ATE Haggis then a place that was only found ½ a year ago, called Sweedovlakia, nuked them and they all exploded.



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