Excellence Award in the 'Write As Rain 2014' competition

Cindersmeller by Sash Horner
Once upon a slime, there was a smelly and grotty girl. Her name was Cindersmeller. She heard that Prince Poopy-pants was getting married and that gave her an idea. Her idea was she could do a prank. That night she crept to the palace and hid under the table and waited and waited and waited. Then finally a chair got pulled out and two stubby feet came sliding down. “That must be King Poopy-pants’ legs. They are ugly, she thinks. She checks her watch, 7:OO it reads. Just then two more legs slide down. They are thin, long and scaly. That must be Queen Poopy-pants, she thinks. Another two slide down and another two. That must be Princess and Prince Poopy-pants, she thinks. There are 5 spare seats left. Soon there was only 1 spare seat. She checks her watch 8:30 it reads.
She sits there waiting. She fiddles with her necklace. She lies down and looks up at the wooden table. I really hope this is worth it, she thinks. 10 minutes later the chair still remains empty. That moment the chair moves out, the shock knocks her back. She checks her watch 9:00 it reads. “9:00 is when it starts. Just my luck” She thinks. “Attention please.” Booms a voice. “I would like to welcome everybody to the wedding. I am happy enough to tell that I am getting married to Mrs. Poopy pant. I thank all of you who came. So please enjoy your meal. Thank you.” “That must be Prince Poopy pants welcome speech.” She thinks. It must be time for action. “OOpppsss” Says Prince Poopy pants. “I dropped my napkin. “Go pick it up then,” says King Poopy pants. “Ok” Says the Prince. He bends down but stops half way. He just stares open mouth. “D…. d…. dad…. come…. p…. please” stammers the prince. King Poopy pants bends down and stares open mouth. Finally King Poopy pants says, “Guards there is someone under the table.” Every head swivels around at King Poopy pants and Prince Poopy pants. Cindersmeller takes off in a sprint towards the nearest exit. “Don’t just stand there get her.” Everybody stands up and tries to get her. But she is to fast and gets away.
At dawn the next morning she slumps onto the sofa thinking what to do next. “Should I run away or turn my self in,” She mutters to herself. “This is a night mare,” She groans. Knock, knock. Cindersmeller looks up. Knock, knock! The knocking gets louder and louder. Finlay she gets up and slowly walks over with a glum look. KNOCK, KNOCK!!! It booms. She opens the door. An old lady walks in. The lady has an old stick in one hand, short stubby feet, dark narrow eyes and a head filled with wisdom. “Your life is ruined. There is only one thing you can do.” Says the old lady. “Listen the only way is to be good and be nice,” She whispers. The girl’s life lives on.


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