Laser Eyes

I was scootering on the street when a green light came in front of me. I scootered even faster to see what it was. When I was close it stopped. I slowly began to look up and then I saw a UFO!
When I got back, mum said “Angas, where have you been? You went for a scooter ride and did not come back for three hours!” “I don’t know where I was. I had a dream that evil alien cats did bad stuff to my head” I replied. “What kind of stuff?” asked John, my step dad who just walked in. “I don’t know really, like a-a-a-achoooooo!!! I sneezed and shot lasers out of my eyes!” “We need to get you to a doctor” said mum.
We went to a scientist instead. He got the x-ray out. He said “Hmmmm, just as I suspected. There is a laser infecting your son’s brain.” Then the alien cat’s boss came up on the screen. “That’s the alien cats boss!” I yelled. The boss, Ms Lady Flufkins, said “Hello humans. Your young friend has a laser in his brain. It will make lasers come out of his eyes.” “We know” said mum and then the x-ray went away. John asked “How will we get the laser out?” “Well,” said the scientist “I could shrink you so you could go in there.” “I’ll do it” said mum. “If she’s going in,” said John “so am I.”
Soon the scientist found a machine that makes things grow and shrink. Mum and John got on the machine and they shrunk. I swallowed them whole and they soon started flying to my brain. I could hear mum say “Ok, according to the radar, Angas’s brain should be right here.” They got the laser and got out. Then we had a party, but I knew that the cats would return...

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