Magic Happens

I lay in the cosy warmth of my bed as the rain falls lightly making me drift to sleep. The voice of my mother woke me from the strange dream I was having “here are your clothes for school ok?” Mother said, I moaned and mum left the room.
I lay in bed for a moment, thinking about the day to come. After what seemed like half an hour of day dreaming I finally decided to get ready and went downstairs to get breakfast. I walked through the school gates of Ganidama primary school and sat on one of the metal benches. As I peered around the grounds I scrummaged through my satchel for my most cherished possessions, a sketch book and pencil and I started to draw a goblin of my own imagination but this was not an ordinary drawing. My pen started to shake and it fell on the ground forming a hole, the goblin came alive and grabbed my arm pulling me into the everlasting deep hole. As I fell the goblin vanished and my surroundings blurred as I fell asleep.
I woke to hear my dog Monty barking as he ran into my room. I realised that there was something strange about the way he looked…he was a cartoon. I jumped up and looked in the mirror to find that I had become animated. I hurried towards the sounds of my parents in the kitchen to find that everything and everyone in my world was a cartoon. Why has this happened, I had to find a solution but where do I look? I rushed to my drawing book that was lying on my bed to realise that I had drawn everyone apart from my brother who was missing, his room was now a study room. It seems that he ceased to exist.
I had drawn all of my favourite things in my sketch pad so was excited. Things I had wished for were now in my room. I was happy…so happy. I acted like this was all normal, it was time to go to school. My cartoon school loomed before me. I found that all the things I hated were replaced by things I loved. I ventured towards my most feared place where I’ve always been set upon by bullies who taunt me and grab my bag. They weren’t there. I was alarmed by what I found. The bullies I faced every day were now gone! Fantastic!
I didn’t want to go back to the real world and then, I remembered all the good times I had with my brother, I started to miss him badly. A knot started to work into my stomach…I felt sick. So I decided to find how to get back to reality. I rip all the pictures I have drawn and put them in the bin, nothing happened. Somebody tips water into the bin, the pages are soaked and everything starts to disappear. KABOOM!!!!! I am back! So glad.