Jarrod's New Friend

It was a cool sunny morning when Jarrod heard a big crash coming from the kitchen. Jarrod quickly stood up and got dressed. He ran down the stairs to find an unpleasant surprise waiting. It was a chicken running around on the kitchen bench top.
The chicken said “be my friend, be my friend.” Jarrod turned around with a very confused look on this face; he said “did you say that?” the little chicken replied “yes I did.” Jarrod said “come to my room.” So Jarrod and the chicken walked up the stairs to Jarrod’s room. The little chicken hopped on the bed and Jarrod sat on his seat. Jarrod said “where are you from?” The little chicken said “I’m not from earth.” Jarrod thought to himself he is going to need a name. Jarrod said “do you have a name?” The little chicken said nothing. So Jarrod named the little chicken Bob.
Jarrod asked Bob “do you have any hobbies?” Bob replied, “yes I do, I love to ride skateboards.” Jarrod said “really I love to ride too, we can go to the skate park tomorrow then?” So Bob and Jarrod headed out to the pacific Pines skate park. Jarred asked Bob, “do you have Abec 7 bearings?” Bob answered, “yes I do, and they are Abec 7 speed demon hybrids.”
Jarrod and Bob rode at the skate park till midday when Jarrod felt hungry. Jarrod asked Bob if he felt hungry too. Bob did feel hungry when he thought about it. They went home for lunch.
It was seven o’clock at night and Bob and Jarrod were watching Television. They were watching a skate show when suddenly a big skate advert appeared. It was showing that there was going to be a skate competition this Saturday. Bob said to Jarrod that they should enter the competition and try and beat those guys.
So Jarrod and Bob went to the skate park with their skateboards on the Friday before the competition to practice. Bob and Jarrod were going to do a crossover air kick flip to start, then an individual run of freestyle showing their best tricks trying not to fall over. Then to finish Jarrod was going to do a heel flip over Bob who will be doing a pop shove it.
It was the day, Bob and Jarrod were up bright and early. Bob and Jarrod were just checking their skateboards and trucks. They set off on there way to the skate park.
Bob and Jarrod were very excited to be there. They were the first to compete. They started with their crossover air kick flip. Then it was time to do what they could without falling over. Then to finish a clean run, Bob did a heel flip over Jarrod whose doing a pop shove it.
Then they waited, and suddenly “THE WINNERS ARE……BOB AND JARROD.” They went mad, Bob and Jarrod put the $5000 towards the cancer foundation and became skate boarding heroes.


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