Silence echoes through the night.
A snowy night, so icy-cold.
But it's not the white that I see out here-
It's the dark, the midnight-dark.

The kind of dark that smothers you,
A dark that presses in on you,
A dark with the power to make you lost,
A dark that frightens all.

But now, the sky begins to colour.
Soft hues of pink, red, orange and gold.
They swallow up the black velvet sky,
And leave in its place a new day.

I cast away my fear, my stress.
This dawn is far too peaceful for that.
I walk happily through the bright snowscape,
But I know that dark will be back.

And when it does come back, I know,
I will be afraid, chilled to the bone.
However, the moon and the stars will be out,
Giving me light to just last the night.


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