Sometimes the day begins with incidents we don’t look forward to,
And life seems to be getting more dismal,
Morbidity invades you,
And it feels like nobody understands.
You are muted out,
Without a justifiable motive.

Always waiting, but you never arrive anywhere.
Then all your misfortunes come at once,
You become your own obstacle to your happiness,
Terrible fates culminate.

Sometimes you’re lost,
Confused about what to do,
Or who you are meant to be,
Or the insanity-filled illusion that you belong.

And at some point,
We realise that some people,
Can stay in our hearts,
But not in our lives.

The day is exorbitant like a dull contemporary painting,
Drawing you in, but putting you down,
But when you feel like all the strings inside of you break,
There it is,
Just like you pictured it to be.