Fairy Bad Behavior

I sat at the table in front of Doctor Trenton. We’d been here every other day for the last four years and he still believes he can fix me. He took in a deep breath and let out a sigh. I did the same thing not taking my eyes off him. We both knew what was coming, it’s been the same questions for four years and one of us has to break the other down.
“Tell me Chesa, where do you get your food from?”
“My friends give me it.”
“And who are these friends?”
“The little people.”
“Chesa,” he sighed, “we’ve been at this for four years! You’re eighteen for God’s sake. All you have to do is say that you made it all up. Isn’t that what you want, to go home?” That’s new, something we haven’t rehearsed, I thought
“I don’t have a home and they’re not made up. They feed me, they are my only friends, and they’re the only ones who are always there for me! Even my own mother sent me away!” I was hyperventilating now and he pressed the button for the guards to come and get me.
When I got back I sat on my bed. I felt as hopeless as a fallen star. Treeblossom came and gave me a cluster of small round fruit. I ate the berries in silence while Treeblossom went back through the little barred window and brought Tulipshine and Morningsun back with her. They were tiny, little sprites dressed in bright petals and all sorts of flora that they find. They started flying after a small mouse that scurried around my dank room. They flung the mouse around and ripped it apart with their tiny teeth and claws. They dropped the now dead mouse and its limbs and flew out the window before Doctor Trenton came in and saw the bloody mess that lay around my room.
“Now the little imaginary friends are bad. But ripping apart animals and throwing them around is unacceptable! What do you have to say for yourself?” He asked.
“I didn’t do it,” I smirked, knowing he would have to move me to a new room for the sixth time this month.
“Then who did, your special friends? Or the monsters under the bed? Or maybe it was the mouse,” he said sarcastically.
Then there was a crash outside. Doctor Trenton looked out the window and his eyes widened. I couldn’t see but I had a feeling that it was three nuisance sprites that seem to follow me around. There was another crash and Doctor Trenton went to ring the alarm for the guards. But before he could the wall crashed in.
I took a chance and ran through the hole in the wall the tree had crashed through and turned to run towards the forest that bordered the east and west wall of the asylum. With the sprites flying in tow I yelled back to them, “time for an adventure guys!”


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