What shall we tell you...
It is the sun in our sky,
the glue keeping believers together.

It is a shining star in the dark night,
bringing food to the hungry,
and drink to the thirsty.

What shall we tell you...
It is a journey that we should all take,
giving light to our world.

It will clothe the naked,
a fire giving them warmth.
It will heal the sick,
and give hope to the poor.
As gentle as a lamb.

What shall we tell you...
It provides us with hope,
somewhere to confide and confess.
Receive guidance and forgiveness.

It helps us to make the right decisions,
a guiding light.
It helps others in need as well as you,
an essential for both the living and the dead.

What shall we tell you...
it is faith,
belief without evidence.

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