Faded Memories

As I lay in my bed shivering, I heard the sound of the pine trees crashing against my arch window. I toss and turn, desperate for warmth to fill my freezing body. After numerous attempts of falling back asleep, I sweep a stray of my long, amber hair behind my ear and gaze out the window to see falling snowflakes dancing outside in the moon-lit night sky. My piercing blue eyes glanced outside, settling on the massive barn where my father kept our family horses across the field. Climbing out of my bitter bed, I plodded downstairs, throwing my hair up into a bun, before grabbing my windcheater off the coat rack near our rickety front door. I yanked on my muddy paddock boots before slipping outside into the fresh and chilly Tassie air. Making my way down the smooth and slippery track, I looked around at the dewy, mossy grass, swaying in the moon-lit night sky. Standing in front of the red, stone barn, I slid open the jarred barn door and stepped inside. Snuggling into my red and white flannel, I stumbled down the wooden aisle and made my way down towards the back of the barn.
“Phoenix, are you awake?” I muttered, peering into the stall. Phoenix is my 14 HH, American Quarter Horse, and I love him to death. Grabbing Phoenix’s Irish green lead rope, I clipped it onto his D-ring, and lead him out into the open June air. Father told me I shouldn’t ever ride out into weather like this, especially without a saddle, but I gathered up the leather reins and swung my legs over Phoenix’s back without a second thought.
After a couple minutes of plodding along the muddy side tracks, I finally noticed that the weather had changed drastically and large snowflakes were falling rapidly. I shifted in my seat, dismounting, and looping Phoenix’s reins through my arm. Looking around the charming clearing, I took a moment to rest. Hearing something rustle in the leaves, I shot around, and scanned the area, snowflakes were now heavily falling and it looked like a blizzard might hit. When I had realized nothing was there, I huddled against Phoenix, hugging him before picking up the reins and flopping myself onto his back.
“Bang!” I jolted, just in time to catch a glimpse of a large truck backfiring in the next field. Bolting off, Phoenix threw me, making me stumble off into a water filled creek, slamming my head on a sharp rock. Drowning in and out of consciousness, I managed to keep my head afloat and my heart pounding. Grasping another sharp and slimy rock, I flailed around, slipping back into the creek, that’s when my surroundings went black.
I could hear whispers and mutters around me, but whenever I tried to communicate with the voices, nothing came out. It felt like I was stuck in a fantasy world and I couldn’t escape. Tensing, I felt something grasp my hand, my eyes fluttering open, I cursed in shock, gripping the sheets below me.
“Who, who are you?” I stuttered, I couldn’t remember anything or anyone. The people around me stared in horror.
I couldn’t even remember the dreadful accident that nearly ended my life.


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