Fairy Help!

Once upon a time there was a village called Happy Valley. It was so very dark in winter, this happened every year. This time the villagers didn’t want to wander around bumping into each other not knowing where they were. Fairies were used for light, but they were so tiny it wasn’t enough.
This year they had thought of a plan for light. In spring a fine man invented the light bulb. They could happily turn on and off without a worry. Soon it was winter and everyone stayed in the house for some light. Beggars with no homes stayed near houses to see something.
All this burning coal to see was making the earth hotter. Soon the Earth would be so hot the temperature would be too high. The living things would soon die and then that is when nothing can be done! No one thought of this; no one but the jobless fairies.
The trustful leader of the fairies, Annabelle called for a meeting at the beautiful church at 8:30 am on Tuesday to talk about the terrible coal burning light bulb.
Penelope the scientist of the fairies listened carefully as the fairies agreed to find another kind of power to use to replace the coal burning stuff. So Penelope looked up powers to use and this is what she said. “The power it says in the ‘Helpful Fairy Book’ here it says: Nuclear power is very good to use but there is one problem with it.” “Come on we’ll use it if the problem isn’t too big,” said Annabelle. “The problem is when the nuclear power is used it develops a dangerous waste and that waste can make a cancer or diseases and increase the women giving birth to deformed babies. That is no good Annabelle.”
Chelsea one of the fairies had an idea. “How about we sing the earth cool again?” But we’ll have to bewitch the motorbikes and scooters to fly!” said Tracy another fairy. “That’s exactly what we’ll do! Good thinking girls! We’ll start tomorrow morning at 3:00 pm sharp in Amber’s Café, everyone okay? Said Annabelle. The hall of colourful fairies said yes and Annabelle said “dismiss.” They left in silence.
The very next day two hours after noon the fairies flew on the bewitched vehicles to Amber’s Café and Annabelle instructed them out and said to sing the spell song, ‘Cooling Down’. They sang it twice and the song spell worked splendidly.
Even extra things happened. Trees grew even faster than you pumping up a ball! Flowers grew into blue bells, snow drops and all kinds of pretty flowers.
The spell only just worked for 1000 years. At least the Earth was saved by the FAIRIES! No one knows where the fairies went but they promised to come back! Do you know when?!


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