Ears Pierced

Ears Pieced
Hi, I’m Lara, and today I’m getting my ears pierced. I’m really excited.
I hopped in the car and drove off. “Rrrrhhh.” My mum put on the brakes. We were there.
I climbed out of the car and held my mum’s hand. I was nervous, but excited at the same time.
We walked in to the building. “Hi,” said an elder lady, “how can I help you?”
“Uuummm,” I said, “I’m here to get my ears pierced.”
“Ok,” said the lady. “Come and have a seat.”
I sat down and held my breath. “Ok,” said the lady. “Let me go and get my ear piercing gun.”
“Gun!” I thought to myself.
She came back. “Ok,” she said, “this won’t hurt a bit.” And before I could say anything, BANG! There was a hole in my ear. And guess what, I didn’t feel a thing.

Lara Slape. Year 4. Athelstone School. 9 years old



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