Maths And Spelling

Oh, maths is the best revision, and one type is division.
Some are pretty effortless and some will drive you mad,
You might need to subtract or you might need to add.
There’s times, plus and take-away. Maths is easy- it’s what I say!
Next time you have a troublesome test, remember work diligently and try your best.
Oh! And when you start rebelling, let me start on spelling.
You extremely smart nerds, you know the tricky words.
For you confused beings, when the second bell rings,
Come inside and you will find, a teacher who is polite and very kind.
She will teach you noon and night and sure knows how to spell.
And when you get home you’ll have loads to tell,
About how you stoped rebelling and that you learnt all your spelling.
Since my poem is done, I hope you’ll have some fun!