War Of Love

Twas a cold winter's night, red snow covered my skin. I heard a rustle behind me, and glanced to only find him.

A deathly stare was given. One I knew all too well. I was already shedding tears, due to the current life I was living.

He approached me suddenly, kissing my velvet coloured hair. His touch was oh-so gentle, yet his stare taught me fear.

My body cried blood, each tear made me squint in pain. As he closed the gap between our bodies, his now once slightly cleaned body was stained.

I drew upon a dagger, with my last remaining strength. My knees trembled yet again, I was then consumed with shame.

He pulled out a bottle, whilst he gentle stoked my cheek. Then he drunk the poisoned liquid, his now cold hands, swung passed my knees.

Still shedding sorrowful tears, I then forced the blade to pierce my once beautiful heart. With his final breaths having been in my embrace, nothing could have torn us apart.

Now I look up to the sky, as I fell onto the snow. For there was never was a story of more woe, then that of Juliet and her Romeo.