The cold frost trickled down the window sill like a tear in a girl’s eye. The wind blew violently waiting to be hushed by the sun. Tall trees waved to one another in the ice cold sun as Steven looked out his window in amazement. Steven waved back. He took one last piece of clothing and packed it in his bag. It was a dull brown cheap leather jacket. Its pockets were embroidered with lace and tiny little gold flowers shone on its collar. It was probably his mums he thought. He packed it in his bag anyway. It would be a good present for his dad's new girlfriend. He zipped up his suit case and opened the door. He was going to his dads for the weekend to see his dad's new girlfriend. Silently he slowly tip toed down the wooden polished stairs. He had only been living here for three months and the house was like it had been cleaned a million times.
"Darling, the car’s here!" Steven’s mum Mary shouted from the kitchen.
He walked into the kitchen and there lay a box wrapped in brown packaging with a thin white string circled around it. Next to it was a plastic bag with a white sandwich and an unripe apple. Mary must have seen his face as she said,
"It's tuna!"
Steven looked around and nodded. He got in the car and his mind filled with words. What if his dad's new girlfriend didn't like him? What if something happened to Mary while he was gone? What if the driver was a bad man? What if......
"Bye honey " Mary said in a quiet tone. Steven took one look at his mother and waved. It was going to be a long journey.
Steven opened his eyes. He had arrived. He suddenly remembered the package that his mum had given him. It was still wrapped with the string. He took out the package like a dragon snatching up a girl in one of his books. He ripped it open and threw the wrapping paper carelessly into his bag before devouring the sandwich. He gently closed his eyes and wished for binoculars. He'd never had a pair and everyone at school had them.
He opened his eyes in a flash only to find his wish had come true. His mind raced. “Is it really true?” he said to himself. He put the string around his neck and wore them with pride.
Suddenly, there was a BANG! Smoke drifted through the air as a fire started to blaze around the truck.
Steven screamed. He jumped forward in the pitch black smoke looking for the driver. His eyes stung as the fire burned. He had to get out! He moved his fingers until he found the door. It opened. He ran towards the bush as a loud BOOM crashed behind him. He fell.
Steven woke up to the birds chirping loudly in the sky. He stood up. Steven realised he still had his binoculars. He looked into them and saw nothing except for the cold frost that trickled down the window sill like a tear in a girl’s eye.