Hairy Whiskers

Hairy Whiskers

Hairy Whiskers has beautiful paws which help him to attract girl bunnies. He has long whiskers that glow in the dark. Hairy Whiskers has a weird nose that has a good sense of smell. He has astonishing long ears that flop about when he hops. Hairy Whiskers has massive feet that help him to jump over enormous buildings. He has big toes that help him to paint his nails but he’s a boy. I know, painting his nails! Anyway, moving on. Hairy Whiskers has big teeth that help him to eat huge chocolate bars. He has a cute fuzzy tail that will give him a wish whenever he wants. Hairy Whiskers has a really big tummy to help him to store chocolate. He has big cheeks to help him grow big whiskers.
Hairy Whiskers is so nice that he shares his chocolate bars with everyone. He can fly over towers, over giant pigs, huge trees even. Hairy Whiskers loves chocolate as you all should know who are reading this text. He has a really, really pretty girl friend and once they did a smoochie smooch, YUCK! it’s just gross thinking about it. Hairy Whiskers has tons of friends, in fact they all probably weigh a ton. Hairy Whiskers has magical feet that help him to catch little boys and girls and turn them into chocolate bars.

By Riana Causley
Grade 3 Exeter Primary School

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