Earth Defence

Earth DefenceThe sun shone brightly, on a warm summer morning. The birds were chirping cheerily and neighbours were chatting. Suddenly the sky went black.
Screams of fright rang through the street, as everything turned dark. A flash of purple light and the sound of fingernails scratching a blackboard made everybody petrified and wondering if the world was going to end. Over at N.A.S.A, astronautical engineers looked at the radar screens with horror written all over their faces.
The signal was not working well and the screen was flashing, before being fully cut off. Then a massive fireball smashed into Earth with a great impact. The explosion unleashed was so powerful that everything in its path perished or was destroyed.
About three seconds later, small black humanoid creatures, about one metre tall, emerged from the dust and ferocious flames, and ran around with laser guns in their hands. Many men, women, and even children, were forced into the ground force. I was forced in with my family, and only then the real battle began. As we were sent off, I found a group of aliens and karate kicked some, and then shot the rest. Suddenly, a hand on my shoulder made me freeze - I had missed one! I quickly punched its nose off than ran to another group of aliens. Quickly annihilating them, I turned only to see what would be Earth’s doom - a massive, black alien with a gun as big as a truck. It shot deadly missiles into the horizon, as if trying to annihilate it. A mushroom cloud formed instantly, and within seconds, the horizon had turned into a murky mess. I ran a little more until my family was still in sight. I was actually starting to have fun when Mum called, ‘Lunch!’
It was all on a Nintendo 3DS! After lunch I kept playing. The giant monster was still trying to shoot something in the distance. ‘What is it doing?’ I thought, then I woke up to my brother trying to shoot a target he had put on the end of my bed. I thought of my dream and felt foolish. Obviously it could never really, happen… I giggled at him, but before anything else could happen, the sky turned black…
But this time, the only thing anyone heard was, ’OH MAN!!!’


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