Katy-May And The Drowned Girl

It was 5:00 pm and Katy-may was watching the beautiful sunset from her bedroom window. She so amazed by the shades of pink and orange that filled the sky and her bedroom that she didn’t notice the young girl across the street getting closer, until the girl appeared in front of her. She was in awe of what she just saw. In front of her was a young girl in a drenched white dress, with long black dripping hair covering her pale face. Katy-may just stared at the young girl trying to come up with a logical conclusion to how this girl got into her room, and why she looked like she had just walked out of a misty lake. She noticed how the room felt bleak and how the girl had a ghastly look upon her. Mist started to fill the room, water was dripping down the walls and the young girl appeared to be screaming but no noise was heard. Katy-may began to feel like she couldn’t breathe, like a weight was pushing on her chest and an overwhelming feeling that what she was feeling, the young girl felt not so long ago. The room slowly filled with water, the young girl started to fade away leaving mist in her place. All of a sudden there was a bright light that filled the room. It felt like it was there for hours, but in reality it was there for a few measly seconds. When the bright light disappeared the room was back to normal, no girl, no water and no mist.


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