Earth In One Hundred Years

It was the year 2114. There was hardly any living thing on earth. There was rubble from explosions everywhere. There were broken tree stumps lying around everywhere. There was a group of people who survived. They were called ‘The Survivors’.
There were two people in this group who knew each other since they were born, literally. Their names were Jarrod and Daniel. One day Daniel walked up to Jarrod and told him something that could have changed the Survivors lives.
“Hey Jarrod,” whispered Daniel.
“Yeah!” Jarrod whispered back.
“I know who made the world like this,” stated Daniel,
“Who?” asked Jarrod,
“This guy who calls himself ‘Doctor Pollute’,” Daniel told Jarrod,
“That name is brainless,” murmured Jarrod
“I know. We need to go on a journey to defeat him,” stated Daniel
“How long will it take?” asked Jarrod
“I do not know,” replied Daniel.

Jarrod and Daniel packed their bags with food, clean water, and gas masks. They snuck out of the warehouse The Survivors lived in and Daniel looked at his GPS. “The GPS says we have to go that way,” stated Daniel.
“But you’re pointing towards the mountain. Can’t we just drive there?” asked Jarrod
“NO!” yelled Daniel
“Why not?” asked Jarrod
“Because there aren’t enough fossil fuels left in the world,” answered Daniel.

While the duo was walking to Doctor Pollute’s lair, Doctor Pollute himself saw the duo walking to his lair. He saw them using his security cameras.
“Those kids think they can sneak into my lair, hey? They haven’t met me yet! AH HAHAHAHA!” Doctor Pollute said to himself quietly so his minion, Alfred, couldn’t hear him.
“Er, sir” said Alfred
“What do you want!?” yelled Doctor Pollute
“Would you like me to turn on the security system?” asked Alfred politely
“Yes,” answered Dr.Pollute
The duo got closer to the lair but then all of a sudden a giant laser beam tried to shoot them.
“AAH! Runnn!” they both yelled, “It must be Doctor Pollute! He’s trying to kill us!”
They both ran into a cave. It was really dark and no one could see anything.
“Daniel, is that you?”
“Yeah,” replied Daniel
“I can’t see anything!” yelled Jarrod
“Wait! I packed some glow sticks in my bag. But they are nuclear glow sticks so they won’t last as long,” stated Daniel
They both got a glow stick and cracked them. They started walking deeper into the cave. They couldn’t go back out because the entrance was blocked by rocks because the laser caused a landslide. They found a door and walked inside. They were both in shock. Right in front of them was Doctor Pollute.
Dr. Pollute saw them standing there in front of him.
“Oh my gosh! It’s Doctor Pollute!” shouted Daniel.
“Why does he look like a potato?” asked Jarrod sarcastically.
“HA ha ha! Prepare to die!” shouted Dr.Pollute. Dr.Pollute pulled out a sword and swung it at Daniel. He ducked and dodged it. BOOM! PUNCH! SEVERELY GETTING HURT!
Daniel knocked out Dr. Pollute and took him outside to lock him in a cave.
“You won’t be coming out any time soon.” Said Daniel. He looked around. The grass was green. The flowers were blooming. Animals were living. Daniel realised that he just saved the world.


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