Safety Zone

"It has been three months since the outbreak that was once a pieceful and civalized country. What were once good people are now dead or have become something much worse. This is Dr Victoria Hamlit, last survivor of the outbreak, signing off." As she stopped recording her message for anybody who discovers it, Victoria rose from her seat at her desk. She then went to her laboratory in the next room to check on her test subject. The subject was exposed to the radiation from the nucular strike which resembled much like a gargoyle. She seemed upset due to the creature not reacting to the cheimicals that were injected into it three days earlier. "Still nothing." she said with disapointment. Then suddenly she realized it was getting dark. "Damn it, I got to get back to the apartment." she said with panic. "The others will awaken." She than ran outside to her car and quickly hoped in and drove off. While on the trip there she was attacked by one of the creatures which jumped on the hood of the car and tried attacking her through the glass. She then made it back to the apartment and pushed the breaks and the creature collapsed of the hood of the car and she ran to the apartment door, opened it and went inside and closed the door nand saftey door. She was in relief, no one has ever been attacked by one of those creatures and lived to tell the tail. She then went up-stairs, got changed into her pajamas and made sure that all the windows were closed and sealed and went of to bed.
She woke up the next morning to the sound of gunfire outside of her apartment. It was a group of survivors shooting at the creatures. She then ran to the front door with her shotgun to investigate what was going on. She opened the door and one of the survivors noticed her and approched her.
"Who are you?" He asked.
"My name Victoria" She replied with. "What the hell is going on?"
"Where trying to find surveyors" He answered.
After the solders found Victoria, they were than heading away from the city to meet up with the rest of the solders team. Victoria was the only surveyor that they were able to find in what was left in the city. In a matter of time, they had made it to a military base a few kilometres away from the city. The truck than entered the facility and they then exited the vehicle and moved inside. Victoria was than escorted by two solders down the hallway of the base and taken to a room ocupied by a someone. He was sitting down in his office like chair and had a label on his desk which said “General Markus Thade”. He than stood up and said “How many surveyors where found?”
“Just her sir” one of the solders replied with.
“You swept the whole city?” He asked.
“From top to bottom.” the solder replied.
“Excuse me” said Victoria, “Can someone just tell me what the hell is going on.”
The room became silent, then the general said “You deserve an explanation, with all that you have gone through.”
“I'm listening” she replied.
“Military experiments were being to create a breed of super solders. It went to hell. Became an infection and found its way to the city. This base was made by military personal who were against these experiments being done. So that we could have somewhere for the citys population to evacuate to but it was to late. The infection had already spread. We waited till the chaos in the streets would calm down in order to surch for survivor. We thought because they were nocturnal that we had a better chance during daylight. However we learnt the hard way that they could travel during clouded skys.”
“Why hasn't this virus been spread world-wide?” she asked.
“The seem to stay close to their nest. The nest being the city” the general replied.
“I've been working on a vaccine for a while” she said, “Perhaps I could try and finish that.”
“We will return to the city for your equipment when the sky is clear” the general said.
The generals radio than started yelling “THERE HERE!” Followed by the sound of gunfire. He than quickly grabbed his radio and yelled to it “TALK TO ME DAMN IT, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON OUT THERE?”
A silence came upon the room. “He's dead” the general said.
“Wait, I thought you said they stay near their nest” Victoria said.
“Not while their hunting” the general said. “We've got to get the helicopter and get the hell out of here.”
“Where is it?” she asked.
“At the end of the base” one of the solders replied. “We can make it if we run.”
Suddenly, a dead solder got thrown through the window. And everbody screamed, than the general said “Go, get the chopper.”
“What about you?” Victoria asked.
“I'll handle them, you just run” the general said “RUN NOW!”
The solders and Victoria than ran out of the room and down the hallway while hearing the generals screams of pain. They then made it to the chopper and noticed the gargoyles charging at them. They ran into the chopper and one of the two solders got pulled out by a gargoyle and started being eaten.
“GO NOW!” he yelled with is final breath.
Victoria and the solder than took of in the helicopter and headed south away from the city and the base. They eventually made it away from the base and headed back to the city and gathered the notes for a potential cure from Victoria's lab and made it away from the city. They eventually landed in another base where there story was told and confirmed by the research done into the experiment and work on the cure began.

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