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Todays blue like it is but you’re duller its true, let us welcome you
into the classroom and we have something to show you.
We’ve got teachers as usual will show you what they can do. They’ve
got secrets just like you and that’s how they teach us and you
I’m going to show you what the secrets hold.
First stop Maths.
Maths we need for the world it helps us everyday,
it’s a thing that’s incomplete heading our way but lets move on.
Next stop we have Science.
Science is a fascinating thing that can be dangerous too,
but whatever we create is great for me and you.
I’m going to show you the past that’s right it’s History.
History shows you the past about all sorts of stuff like some people and facts.
We’re going to places that we’ve never been that means it’s Geography.
Geography is maps we’ve never seen and things we need like
North, South, East and West.
Now we have some punctuation things which is what English means.
English has grammar and comprehension, it helps my friends and you with what we’re saying and writing today.
This is for you that have received their Holy Communion it’s Religion.
Religion holds the Gospel and Jesus shows the way, the presentation spirit is with us everyday.
Craft and painting easy for you, maybe hard for classroom and that’s why Art is cool.
I hope I’ve lightened up your day well it’s best you be on your way.


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