J.K Rowling

Excellence Award in the 'The Write Track 2015' competition

Engrossed in the pages of her imagination seated in content,
showered with adoration, compressed by fame,
poisoned red nails and lightly applied makeup,
eyeing a small boy in a button-up sweater,
her pale thoughtful face curved into a slight frown.
The gift of youth played back and forth in her head,
a monstrous green beast lurks inside her,
to relive the old days would be but a dream,
her cherry lips pursed and eyes began to wander yet again.
Crowded by a sea of fans can be a lonely place,
a dish of meat thrown to the lions,
lost in a forest of bright flashes and questions,
she dives back to Hogwarts, a safe place for many,
adventure and freedom is there's forever.


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