Kate's Last Adventure

"There's no time to spare, I have less than 24 hours remaining until I am back in Australia", shouted Kate. She ran to the shopping centre to get a fashion update, her friend right behind her, "wait up" yelled Sarah. They finally made it, Kate was getting emotional because she knew it was the last time she was ever going to come to this place, the girls were so excited to get their nails done matching emerald green. She was thinking of all the things she wanted to do before she left, Sarah came along and reminded Kate she only had a few hours until she needed to be at the airport, packed and ready. She got a tear in her eye saying to herself that time has flown and that she will miss Sarah as much as she misses her parents, "the six months that I have been here I have made many friends and now I am going to have to leave you all". After Kate and Sarah got their nails done, Sarah drove Kate to the airport and waited for her flight to be announced, Kate was crushed about leaving so soon. At that moment her flight got called out and she was ready to go home, but she didn't want to leave Miami. She boarded the plane and sat in her seat, which was number 13. The plane started rumbling and the engines got louder and louder and before she knew it she was in the air, she looked down and saw Sarah standing on the ground crying and Kate started crying as well. After a while she heard the captain announce on the radio that they are handing out free food, Kate got one of the sandwiches and started munching on it, hers had ham and salad, she didn't really like ham so she didn't eat it. When Kate and most of the other flight attendants were asleep when suddenly an emergency alarm started screeching and it woke everyone up, especially Kate she is a light sleeper. The captain started informing everyone that the plane is going down and that they need to grab their protective gear such as life jackets, when Kate looked for one someone took hers so there was none left suddenly she started to panic and she was looking all over the plane but there was none, she knew this was he last adventure. She was hoping that this was all a dream and she was still in Miami but it wasn't, they crashed into the water and a few seconds it was silent. A search started no one found any sign of the plane or the bodies that were in it after searching for three months, Kate died from drowning and her body was never to be seen again. When the plane was meant to be at the airport Kate's mum was waiting until she got the news and she was shocked and couldn't breathe for a minute or two.



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