May 22nd 2014

May 22nd 2014,the end of torture for one and the start of misery for so many.
She didn't attend school that day, which was something that happened regularly. How were we to know that from this day, she would never again attend our lives.
Such a bubbly and happy girl, a disguise her best friends knew so well. She was dying on the inside, reaching out for somebody who cared. But depression controlled her mind, made her think nobody was there.
So many times we did everything in our power to save her life, but there's only so much a person can take.
May 22nd 2014, the only thing she was willing to take anymore, was her own life.
The news shattered our hearts and tore us to pieces. The pain is unimaginable for her parents, siblings, nephews and nieces.
They say it gets easier, but what are they to know.
She was the best thing to ever come into my life, and the most painful to ever go.
May 22nd 2014, to never be forgotten. Keira Riddell. My best friend until the very end.