Darkness To Light

When I woke up ,night was dark ,
Pitter – patter of the rain ,Against my window pane .
I had to walk out ,and walk out through the hail .
I had to reach ,before the gloom becomes pale
I walked through my known roads ,Suddenly they become unknown .

In the darkness and uncertainty ,Which seems to be eternity
I thought this was end ,but then I realised I had to further
The journey actually begins here ,
With more pebbles together I pulled my fading will power together ,
And continued up the hill

No one to bother
This part of the journey
Turned out to be more difficult
With rain and hail and danger at every corner

My faith kept me going ,
But I slipped here and there
Falling hurt me ,but I stood up
And continued with renewed gear
I do not know how long I walked

Suddenly I saw the sun rising
And the voice in my head talked
I reached the mountain top ,from darkness to light was my journey


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