Sailing To Brisbane

Excellence Award in the 'The Write Track 2015' competition

Oscar and Adam lived in Bowen, Queensland. They loved sailing and they had many different types of boats. During the week they taught group sailing lessons and private lessons too. From Friday to Sunday they would sail to the Great Barrier Reef and back. On school holidays, sometimes they would sail to Brisbane to see their cousins. The weather was different each time they sailed and they were normally very hungry when they returned.
Oscar and Adam have been working very hard on their sailing lessons and it’s finally the school holidays. They get to go to Brisbane to their cousin’s house. They have done the trip many times. When they were ready they put the boat on the car and drove to the boat ramp. When the boat was on the water they sailed to the mouth of the river.
When they were in the sea, sailing in the wind to Brisbane, they saw a big storm. They had to be prepared.
When the storm came it was fierce. The waves were very big and the wind was strong. Suddenly, a big wave came and it hit the side of the boat. The water splashed all over the deck. It filled up the boat with water. Suddenly, a big strike of lightening struck the mast and it fell down.
After the storm they started to recover the boat. There was a lot of damage so they had to start work on the repairs fast. They didn’t want to drift away.
When the boat was fixed they sailed back home. They never made it Brisbane. It took a long time because they had to make a lot of adjustments to the boat.
When they got to the mouth of the river in Bowen they derigged the boat. They told all their students about their adventures at sea. Everybody felt sorry for them. On their first day back at class they all fixed the boat ready for the next adventure.
The End

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