Halloween is the day to celebrate the dead, so why does everyone hide in their homes?

Halloween has finally come. But people seem to go missing. What is happening to them? Mary-Anna is determined to find out, what other people are too scared to even talk about.

One sleep to go and I can’t wait for Halloween, Mary-Anna thought. But she also she knew she wouldn’t be allowed outside. She was determined to find out why people hid instead of having fun and going trick or treating. After school Mary-Anna went home after her parents went into the dungeon and fell asleep Mary-Anna squeezed through the little gap in the cellar (the basement). Opened the door ran outside and locked the door behind her.

Mary-Anna (long for May) was never scared of anything. When she stepping on to the road she saw, what used to be the busiest street in town wasn’t making a sound. You couldn’t hear any of the animals. Accept the loud chirping of the crickets.

Then all of a sudden a huge gust of wind came and May saw a small bright light it went from a small dot to a big blog until I realised that it was a person in black clothes. The next thing I know is that I am trying to get into my confused on where I put the keys. I put my hand in my pocket and realised that there is a small hole in it. The man is getting closer. Then I realise that that is no normal man that is the Grim Reaper. I tilt my head and see the tiny glisten of my keys.

The Grim Reaper is so close it would be stupid of me to go and retrieve the key. The Grim Reaper is practically second away from my keys. But there is something about this Grim Reaper that looks familiar. His stopped and picked up the keys. At this point was about to kill myself.

It stopped right at my driveway and pointed the keys. It was laughing so I decided to take the keys of him. After that night all the people came out on the night of Halloween once I told them it was a couple of students playing pranks. But most people still think that the Grim Reaper is out and in the Deep Dark Woods and now people never go in there.


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